New Toys!

Designed in Sarasota by Students From Ringling College of Art and Design

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Purchase in October 2020 and we will donate
$5 from the sale of each toy back to Ringling!

The Happy Cactus and Platypus tender-tuffs were

designed by students from local Sarasota-based

Ringling College of Art & Design as part of a scholarship

competition hosted by dog toy manufacturer, 



The top students were awarded a scholarship for their

design and were able to get real world experience

seeing their work go from concept to creation. 

Tu Cam Malaspina designed the tender-tuffs Platypus,

a 24-inch multi-function toy that can be stretched,

tossed, and shook to maximize play. It has a squeaker

located in its tail and one in its head.


Bea Patarata designed the tender-tuffs Cactus, a 10-inch toy with a squeaker and enticing shape

to keep dogs engaged and having fun.

Future production plans may include DeAnna Boyer’s concept for a line of toys called Cozi Cosmonauts, designed to embrace the bravery and companionship of our furry pets. 


We're also donating $5 from each sale of both the tender-tuffs Cactus and Platypus to Ringling College of Art & Design during October 2020. 


We’re excited for the opportunity to support local students!

Ringling Winners.jpg

The top three designers, Tu Cam Malaspina, Bea Patarata, and DeAnna Boyer, were each awarded scholarship money.