Why Dogs Need Exercise, Importance & Benefits

Updated: Apr 16

Exercise Benefits

An active dog is a happy dog. Dogs were built to be active and exercise is the perfect way to burn off excess energy. Exercise is not only good for the obvious health benefits but is also good for the mental well-being of the dog. Active dogs are less likely to be aggressive or exhibit bad behavior problems.

Dog owners have their own four-legged source of inspiration to help them get up and on their feet. Exercising your dog is essential to keeping him healthy and happy - and is also beneficial to you as the human. Here is how exercising with your dog is beneficial to both of you!

Reduces Anxiety and Aging

Dogs that go without regular exercise may be prone to a variety of behavioral issues, including destructive behaviors like barking, digging, or chewing. Aside from preventing these issues, providing your dog with regular exercise supports healthy aging by easing chronic symptoms and allows them to be social and explore their environment. Exercise also aids bowel function, which is especially important in older dogs. Exercising can reduce anxiety and aging in your pup, keeping their mind sharp and healthy! Exercise can even help a shy or fearful dog build their confidence. Plus as an added bonus, being active helps a dog to have a better night’s sleep!

Strengthens the Bond Between You and Your Pup

Getting out and about with your canine companion provides an opportunity for both you and your pet to spend time together. By going out for a walk, run, or hike with your dog you are creating a new level of trust between you and your four-legged friend. If your dog is a family dog, bring everyone out on weekends to spend time enjoying the park or walking trail!

Strengthens Muscles

More exercise. Whether it’s an extra walk or encouraging more fetch and interactive games, more exercise can definitely help shed those extra pounds! Exercise helps increase flexibility and endurance, strengthens muscles around the joints, and can help stave off health problems caused by obesity. The more exercise your pup gets, the stronger their joints will remain.

Importance of a Healthy Weight

One of the main health risks associated with a lack of exercise in dogs is obesity. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but it is important they maintain a healthy weight. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 55.8 percent of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. Carrying that extra weight can cause a variety of health issues for your dog. Exercise is important and there are many benefits for your pup that will help them live their life to the fullest!

DOGPerfect's Healthy Weight Chart

Do you know your dog’s weight? You can visit your DOGPerfect Lakewood Ranch or The Landings and check out our easy-to-use weigh station to weigh your dog. For a quick check at home, you can perform a visual/hand test with your dog using our healthy weight chart for reference. You will know if your dog is an ideal weight when your dog’s ribs, spine, and hips are visible and can be felt with a well-proportioned waist.


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