Hurricane Ready Kit Checklist for Your Pets

Hurricane season is here and the safety and well-being of you, your pets, and the community are our priority! We have some tips to help prepare your pets to make sure you are ready to encounter anything that may happen.

Make sure you keep enough food and water set aside that will last a week, including any special medications. It is better to be prepared with more rather than not enough. Canned food and freeze-dried kibble are the easiest to travel with. A helpful tip we suggest is measuring your dog’s food out and putting it into Ziplock baggies to keep it fresh! Keeping Honest Kitchen Powdered Goat's Milk is also a great item to have. It’s shelf-stable, making it last a long time if

needed and is a great topper for added nutrition and boosted immunity, especially important during times of stress.

Keep a crate set up to help your pet stay calm and prevent them from running away. Pups get anxious during storms and feel safe being in a secure spot. Keeping a Snuggle Puppy inside their crate is a great way to naturally calm them if they are anxious. We carry a variety of colors and they all come with a real-feel heartbeat and heat pack to provide them the comfort of snuggling against another animal.

Double-check that your pup is wearing an up-to-date tag or microchip that includes your contact information! Two important items to include other than your dog’s name is your full name and phone number. An address is great as well but in the event that you are not home during this time, proving your personal phone number is the best way for contacting you! In the event they do run away, this will help you and your pup find each other.

Another helpful item to have on-hand is PetSafe Pet Loo indoor potty. If your dog is used to going outside and can’t due to severe weather, the indoor potty grass is a great alternative for them. These potty grass pads hide odors and are easy to change.

Make sure you have a bag of supplies ready in case you need to leave your house quickly! Here's a helpful checklist below of all the items you should have ready and on-hand during hurricane season to keep your pet safe.

We hope everyone stays safe during this season and our DOGPerfect team is always ready to help if you need further assistance or have any questions! <3


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