How Does CBD Benefit Your Dog?

CBD is relatively new and rapidly becoming very popular among both humans and animals. CBD comes from the same plant as THC but differs because rather than the intoxicating “high” you’d get, CBD is non-psychoactive and causes a more calming therapeutic effect which can be beneficial for your pup for many different reasons!

CBD is also used for simple benefits such as protecting and improving skin and coat appearance or help with easing the aging and wellness of a senior dog. Unlike other traditional pain medicines for dogs, CBD is a natural substance and has no life-threatening side effects with the proper dosage.

We carry a variety of CBD products, including:

· Hemp Oil

· Capsules

· Infused Edibles

· Treats

· Chew Sticks

· Infused Shampoo

There is no difference in the benefits/reactions from how CBD is ingested. However, the milligram dose can vary and will be clearly stated on the product itself. Higher dosages will have a quicker/stronger effect, and lower dosages will have a weaker effect. The way you choose for your dog to ingest the CBD infused products is all based on your preference and in most cases the convenience.

If you have any additional questions on CBD, visit a DOGPerfect store near you, and our team members will be happy to answer any questions you might have and explain the difference in the variety of products.


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