Dogs and Seasonal Allergies

Dogs, just like humans, can get seasonal allergies too! While our dogs can’t simply tell us they aren’t feeling good, there are some warning signs. We put together how to tell if your pup may be suffering from allergies and some great products to help that we carry here at DOGPerfect!

There are many triggers that can cause seasonal allergies, like grass, pollen, flea bites, weeds, and more. Dogs may get different symptoms that humans do not. Humans tend to feel their eyes or throat get itchy where dogs experience more skin-related issues. Here are some warning signs/symptoms that you can look out for in your pup:

  • Constant itching and scratching

  • Rubbing on furniture

  • Licking

  • Red and inflamed paw pads, from excessive licking and chewing

  • Hair loss, from all the scratching

There are a few ways you can help your pup through this season. Below are some products we carry:

· Raw Goat Milk: this contains both anti-mucous and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a perfect supplement for your pup who suffers from allergies of any sort.

· Skouts Honor probiotic shampoo and conditioner: this is a great and gentle way to moisturize your dogs’ skin and coat, especially for helping skin allergies, reducing itching and redness.

· Answers Turkey Stock: Fermented beet juice is not only a great source of probiotics but is also an efficient and biologically friendly way to add plant phytonutrients and antioxidants to your pets’ diet without adding carbohydrates.

· Pet Wellbeing Detox Gold: Contains natural ingredients to support the normal channels of elimination and detoxification in your pup. This herbal supplement helps eliminate by-products of metabolism, including medications and chemicals, to reduce oxidative stress and support long-term vitality in your companion.

· Earth Animal Allergy and Skin: Natural remedy which is perfect for pets struggling with an allergic reaction to bug bites or seasonal allergies. It is an herbal formula that helps maintain normal histamine levels to help reduce the urge to scratch, itch & bite. Earth Animal Remedies are formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein and are made in the USA.

We hope these products and tips help your pups through allergy season! We’re here for you if you have any questions, stop in or call any of our stores, you can even set up a time to speak to our Senior Pet Food Nutritionist for a FREE one-on-one nutrition consult. Set up a time by clicking here!


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