At-Home Training for Your Pup

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Continuing with your dog training, regardless of the time of year, is crucial to enriching and reinforcing your bond with your dog, whether they're a puppy or an adult dog. While it may be tempting to back off and take a break, a gap in your dog's regular training can have disastrous consequences, especially during the holidays when we need to keep all of our pets safe and happy.

Consider the holidays through your dog's eyes; LOTS of yummy smells and food, lights, music, candles, pretty gifts and snacks all within reach, not to mention all the strangers coming and going and a giant tree that just begs to be peed on (or at least chewed upon)!

All puppies and adult dogs need to know basic commands for their own well-being and safety. Training and reinforcing these skills before the busy holidays will ensure a happier and stress-free holiday for both your dog and you.

Expecting a dog to listen and obey (without the proper training and reinforcement) when things are at their busiest, is an accident waiting to happen. Set aside time now to work with your dog every day.

These 5 dog commands below are essential for safely guiding your dog through the hustle and bustle of the holidays with success! Even before your guests arrive, take a few minutes each day with your dog to ensure the best results.

Sit- reminding your dog to sit for pets will help prevent jumping on your guest.

Down- is another good position for your dog to have while interacting with adult guests.

Leave it- working on leaving it before things get crazy will help prevent your dog from getting into too much trouble.

Come- This command will properly be one of the most used during the holidays. To get your dog away from the dining room table, food, people, decorations, the front door, even the Christmas tree and presents, and more.

Place- Having your dog Place while things are going on around them will help keep them safe from getting stepped on

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