5 Tips for Your New Puppy

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Did you get a new furry family member this year? If yes, here are 5 tips that will help with your new puppy!

Keep Your Puppy on a Schedule

Keeping your new puppy on a daily schedule will help them get into a nice routine in no time! A routine is important as it helps create boundaries for your puppy and can set them up for success with potty training. For example, your routine could include waking up and taking them immediately outside to reduce accidents, then feeding them breakfast after, and then playtime.

Take Them on Walks

Walking your puppy often will help them learn how to walk on a leash with proper manners quickly. Puppies are high energy and always looking to play, so starting and finishing their day off with a walk will help get them ready for their day and tire them out before bedtime.

Enroll in Training Classes

Without proper training during what is known as the “critical socialization period” dogs may develop bad habits and never learn how to interact appropriately with people or other dogs.

Puppy Graduate DOGPerfect Training
Maximum, Puppy Graduate

Dog training introduces pups to socialization, promotes good behavior, and helps develop happier and healthier companions.

DOGPerfect’s Smart Start Puppy class is designed just for puppies and focuses on strengthening the bond between you and your new puppy! This class is for puppies 10 weeks old to 6 months old, and we help develop skills such as sit, heel, recall, down, socialization, and establishing expectations. Join the Perfect Club and receive 1 complimentary training session plus much more!


Generally, for dogs under six months of age, socialization and play sessions in controlled surroundings that introduce puppies to all kinds of new experiences and stimuli can help set them up for success as calm, healthy, and psychologically resilient dogs.

Once your pup is vaccinated, your local dog park is a great option to allow your new pup to socialize with other dogs.

Visiting your local pet store is another way to help socialize your pup. DOGPerfect offers a safe and new environment for your pup to explore, and we have a DOGPerfect Arena designed for your pup to play in! Bring your pup in for a visit to socialize with new faces and fur animals alike.

Products to Help

DOGPerfect's NEW puppy table full of products!

Crate – One of the quickest and easiest house-training methods is to use a crate. Crates also offer a safe place to confine and comfort pups when you’re short on supervision. Sizing is important, so be sure to ask one of our team members for assistance.

Calming Aid – Your new puppy might feel lonely, scared, or anxious because of their new environment. You may need to consider a calming aid, like a Snuggle Puppy. A Snuggle Puppy is a durable plush toy that comes with a calming heartbeat and heat pack that can help your pup relax and sleep through the night.

Treats – A great tool for reward-based training, treats are inexpensive, readily available, and a perfect way to motivate and reinforce good behavior. Benebone offers a perfect pack of bones for puppies, designed with a slightly softer material makeup dedicated to teething pups.

Harness – For dogs learning to leash walk, a harness is a perfect option! A harness can prevent choking and escaping and allow you to keep control of your new pup during walks.

Leash – When selecting a leash, keep it simple. Go with a standard six-footer and avoid retractable options as they may encourage wandering. We recommend PetSafe's nylon leashes, they are soft and durable.

If you have any more questions about products for your new pup, stop by your local DOGPerfect and ask a team member for help. We look forward to seeing all of the new faces!


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