4 Boredom Buster Ideas for Your Dog While Working From Home

Looking for ideas to help pass the time inside with your pup? Just like anyone, a dog can get very bored laying around all day and needs the exercise to stay happy and healthy. We put together some great toys we carry here at DOGPerfect to keep your dog entertained! Not only will they enjoy the exercise, but they will cherish the playtime with you!


KONG toys are great for toss, fetch, and chewing even without treats inside! Stuffing a KONG is easy, you can stuff anything that is safe for your dog to eat (in healthy amounts) into their KONG. Some of the favorites we recommend are Charlee Bear Treats (they fit perfectly inside a KONG), Pawnut Butter (we carry Green Coast Pet All-Natural Pawnut Butter that is safe for your dog and doesn’t contain Xylitol), or frozen beef broth! If you choose to freeze the ingredients inside, make sure you plug one end of the KONG so the ingredients don't fall out while it freezes.

Kong toy for boredom

2. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

This tennis ball blaster is perfect for fetch in the backyard! The tennis balls launch up to 50 feet with adjustable power so you can adapt it depending on the size of the area where you are playing!

3. Tether Tugs

These toys are designed to withstand the pulls, tugs, and spins from any dog! We have all sizes to match the size of your dog, small, medium, and large. The pole bends and flexes and spins around to keep your dog entertained by themselves while you are busy. We also have two attachments you can add for more excitement! We have the Ball Toy Plus and Monkey Fist attachments to help switch it up a bit!

4. Dog Tornado

This puzzle toy from Outward Hound exercises your dog's mind and reduces destructive behavior that can result from being bored! You put treats inside, which keeps your dog busy while they try and figure out how to get them out.

We hope these ideas and toys help keep your pup busy and entertained! Interested in picking one of these items up? We offer curbside pickup and local delivery for your convenience. As an essential business, our stores remain open (Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-6pm) to support your pet supply needs. We clean hourly and are practicing safe social distancing.


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