3 Training Tips for Your New Puppy

Did you get a new furry family member this year? If yes, here are a few tips that will help you out with training your new puppy!

Keep Your Puppy on a Schedule

Keeping your new puppy on a daily schedule will help them get into a nice routine in no time! A

routine is important as it helps create boundaries for your puppy and can set them up for success

with potty training. For example, your routine could include waking up and taking them immediately

outside to reduce accidents, then feeding them breakfast after and playtime.

Take Them on Walks

Walking your puppy often will help them learn how to walk on a leash with proper manners

quickly. Puppies are high energy and always looking to play so starting and

finishing their day off with a walk will help get them ready for their day and tire them out before

it’s bedtime. We recommend DOGNESS LED Retractable Leashes to ensure the safest and

easiest walking for both you and your pup, come in and check out our selection!

Enroll in Training Classes

DOGPerfect’s very own Smart Start Puppy class is designed just for puppies and focuses on

strengthening the bond between you and your new puppy! This course will be very interactive

where they will learn leash manners, basic commands and to come when called. We have plenty

more training classes at DOGPerfect with our amazing trainers! Each course is 6 weeks long

with a maximum of 4 dogs per class. To sign-up, call any of our stores today!

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