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Choosing the right food for your dog can be a challenge.

We're here to help you cut through the confusion! 


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Kyle Baker_DOGPerfect_Senior Nutritionis

Meet Kyle Baker, our Senior Pet Food Nutritionist! He is a great addition to our existing team of nutrition experts here at DOGPerfect.


Since 2003, Kyle has been working in pet specialty stores within the local community and you may have seen him around.


He has a passion for educating pet parents on the power of nutrition and how it can improve their pet’s lives with proper food, supplements, and treats.


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Here's a list of the high-quality dog and cat food brands we carry at DOGPerfect. We have a large selection of kibble, raw, frozen, freeze-dried, raw coated kibble, canned, goat's milk, toppers, broths, and more.  

Don't see the brand you're looking for? Give your local store a call and we can look into special ordering it for you!

  • Acana

  • Adirondack

  • All Provide

  • Annamaet

  • Answers Frozen

  • Bixbi Rawbble

  • Blue Ridge Beef

  • Boss Dog

  • Bravo Beef

  • Canidae

  • Carna4 

  • Caru

  • Dave's Dog

  • Earthborn

  • Evanger's

  • Venture

  • Evanger's

  • Farmina

  • Forza10

  • Fromm 

  • Fussie Cat

  • Green Coast Pet

  • Grandma Lucy's

  • Green Juju

  • Health Extension

  • Honest Kitchen

  • Hound & Gatos

  • Nature's Logic

  • Nature's Variety

  • Nulo

  • Open Farm

  • Orijen

  • Ottos

  • Party Animal

  • Petcurean

  • Plato

  • Primal

  • Rawz

  • Stella & Chewy’s

  • Taste Of The Wild

  • Tiki Cat

  • Tucker's Frozen

  • Tuffy's

  • Under The Weather

  • Verus 

  • Victor Dog

  • Weruva

  • Wet Noses

  • Wild Meadow Farms

  • Zignature