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Sarah Hodgson
Teaching Dogs, Training People

Dog and puppy behavior expert Sarah Hodgson is a prolific author, columnist, media personality and inventor. Her trademark training techniques help dogs become well-behaved members of the family without the use of isolation, shock collars or harsh corrections of any kind. Sarah’s uniquely successful approach blends the science of dog training with the compassion of child rearing. Her upbeat, positive message is simple and clear: love, respect and instruct your dog as you would a child. It’s fun, easy…and effective. Sarah is glad to offer her expert insight into the dog/human connection through in-person media interviews, print commentary or on-site lectures. Want to learn more more? Visit her suburban New York training facility, browse her online store, read her weekly column or schedule a phone or one-on-one consultation. You — and your dog — will be glad you did. Because when dogs talk…Sarah listens.  

Talk To Sarah

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Want to talk to Sarah directly? Schedule a phone consultation. Sarah will help you pick the perfect puppy or answer behavior questions. It's your private dog training hotline to one of America's favorite dog trainers!


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Many of Sarah's columns and articles are based on readers' questions. If you would like to be considered for the "Ask Sarah" column, submit your question here. Please understand that Sarah gets hundreds of email questions each month. Short, clear questions are best!

Sarah's Blog

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